Kurt Wenner

The Catacombs



Catacombs Lower Level

Our amazing catacombs will capture your imagination with dynamic, larger-than-life 3-D paintings by Master Artist and Architect, Kurt Wenner.

Traverse caverns and corridors to discover a treasury of ancient history and celebrate a historic movement of faith that shook the ancient World!

The Catacombs Exhibit area, presented in stunning period architecture, technology and world class art, displays 2D and 3D original works of art from world-class artist (painter) Kurt Wenner. Each gallery contains 8 feet by 12 feet murals with small works of art included throughout the gallery. Each exhibit replicates the ancient catacombs, with caves and tombs to provide a variety of experiences. The mural paintings visually extend the space of the Catacomb Gallery in different directions, giving a sense of the vastness of the original catacombs, which sometimes extended for miles underground. As you enter the Garden Tomb room, a giant mural of the Resurrection of Christ is to the one side while in this recreation of the Garden Tomb, the stone has been rolled away and the mixed sounds of rustling branches and leaves from the olive trees and can be heard just outside the doorway. Paul’s Roman prison cell – Behind the bars, one will see what resembles the appearance of the Apostle Paul’s shadow cast on the wall of the cell, as if someone is around the corner casting a light on him. You can hear the sound of a quill pen moving on parchment.